Introducing a new generation of DNA chips and molecular assays

Centrillion’s chips are not like other chips you might have seen before. The new generation technology uses surface chemistry that is compatible with a wide variety of enzymatic reactions, meaning the chips are compatible with a wide variety of applications. New chip manufacturing technologies can enable novel applications. We are not just improving on existing microarrays; we are also creating our own patented technologies with applications in pathogen detection and sequencing, whole genome genotyping, genomic sequencing, and spatial transcriptomics.

Centrillion’s goal is to provide DNA chips that can map biological molecules at sub-cellular level in biological tissues in 3D format.  To achieve cellular spatial resolution, we have created high-density chips with high probe fidelity using advanced photolithography equipment and fast photochemistry. Novel chip design enables feature pitch down to 2um with a theoretical mapping resolution of 0.5um. Centrillion’s photochemistry achieves a very high step wise yield, which results in a decoding rate of over 90% and a decoding accuracy of 99.999%.


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Centrillion’s ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities produce high-density microarrays on silicon wafers at high volumes, leveraging state of the art automated microlithographic processes adapted from the semiconductor industry. This highly parallel method uses light-directed oligonucleotide synthesis to produce arrays with very high densities of DNA sequences (up to 25 million per square centimeter). Probe sequences 30-80 bases in length are synthesized in either the 3’ to 5’ or 5’ to 3’ direction, depending on the requirements of the array application.  Improved DNA synthesis chemistry provides a uniquely high level synthesis yield, production throughput and economies of scale. In addition, surface chemistry and assay protocols have been optimized to provide maximum sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.

High Synthesis Yield

98% Step wise yield and rapid photolysis enable the synthesis of long DNA probes on chips

Rapid Hybridization

Virus detection chips can be hybridized in as little as 15 minutes for rapid detection protocols or our fast sequencing assays

5' or 3' up Synthesis

Our novel synthesis chemistry can efficiently write DNA in any direction for new kinds of applications

High Resolution Lithography

Highly accurate and fast mask alignment and rapid photochemistry enable high resolution photo-directed synthesis