High Resolution Spatial Genomics Chips

Spatial Sequencing Chips at sub cellular resolutions are available to collaborators and early access customers. 

Please contact us for early access and to receive sample data for bioinformatics developers.

Introducing High Resolution Spatial DNA Chips

Scaling with Moore's Law

  • 2μm x 2μm rectangular features
  • Confluent design: no gaps
  • High density arrays
  • Unparalleled capture efficiency
  • Compatible with existing fresh frozen and FFPE protocols

Centrillion Tech. is excited to launch our breakthrough DNA chip technology. Leveraging light-directed synthesis and semiconductor manufacturing, our new high-resolution chip enables spatial transcriptomics research at high resolution. This technological leap encompasses three primary advancements:

  1. Surface Chemistry Advances: high synthesis yield and accuracy for the production of long, high quality DNA strands
  2. Lithographic Resolution Enhancements: ultra-fine spatial resolution
  3. Innovative Probe Design and Synthesis Techniques: borderless features, improved decoding, higher capture efficiency and sensitivity

Beyond the products developed in-house by Centrillion, our “Powered by Centrillion Technologies” philosophy aligns with our commitment to openness and extending technology access to physicians, scientists, and the general public. This approach ensures a myriad of life sciences entities can harness these instrumental technological strides.

Illustrating the technology’s potential, a leading player in the industry recently adopted these chips for a new product range through IP licensing and technology transfer. This collaboration exemplifies how our innovations and open business model will maximize the access to the chip technology, ultimately benefits patients, consumers, physicians and scientists.

Centrillion was established with the vision of developing high-resolution spatial chips capable of sequencing the genome directly from one chromosome end to the other. Achieving this ambition demanded chip technology that excelled in probe fidelity, resolution, manufacturability, and biochemical compatibility. After over a decade of dedicated research and development, we now have wafer-scale manufactured high-resolution spatial DNA chips. These chips can be tailored to tackle a myriad of spatial biology challenges, as well as analyze long polymers like chromosomal DNA.

While our research into end-to-end chromosome sequencing continues, we’re offering the spatial DNA chips to the scientific community for spatial biology research. However, it’s worth noting that certain applications are exclusively accessible through our partner in most jurisdictions. The state-of-the-art spatial transcriptomics chip boasts the following features:

  1. Sizes ranging up to 10 x10 cm formats
  2. Nano-printed probes on a biochemically compatible surface
  3. A whopping 25 million probes with a 2μm pitch-to-pitch resolution.
  4. 100% capture surface, ensuring optimal sensitivity.
  5. High accuracy synthesis of sequences approximately 120 bases long, enabling UMI, zip codes, PCR primers, capture sequences, and more.
  6. Decoding accuracy over 99.99%.
  7. Customizable capture sequences based on customer requirements.
  8. Nano-printed probes on a biochemically compatible surface